Thursday, March 18, 2010


I know I haven't blogged in awhile....I just haven't really had the desire 2. Things have been crazy around my house. The weather has been nice (somedays) and so we have been getting out and doing more things.

I am really sad to little guy has a hairline fracture on his tibia. I was going down the slide with him on Friday the 5th and his little leg got caught in between me and the slide and it twisted it backwards. We took him in to immediate care and dr saw him and took x-rays. He thought that nothing was wrong and sent us home telling us it was a strain. :( He still wasn't getting better so we took him back in on Tuesday (Feb 9th) They ended up doing another x-ray and putting the little guy in a cast.

I feel so bad for him because it is tough for him to get around. He has been really needy because he can't do the things that he use to be able to do. So when mama is home all I get done is holding him. I'll take that. :) Even though sometimes it is really trying.
Tegan is doing good! She has been playing soccer at the rec center. She really enjoys it. She has missed dance the last two weeks because of it and this week is spring break. So she will resume next week. That will be a busy day for her because she will go to dance and then to her soccer game. She is gonna be pooped! :) Oh well it is good for her.
I start school on Tuesday. I am excited but nervous. I always get nervous when I start new things. I just can't wait for the 20 months to be up!! :) $60,000 to $80,000 here I come. LOL.
Blog done...I'm out!

Friday, February 19, 2010


Tegan was being a great big sister playing in the floor with her little brother.

She was telling him things to make him laugh....and letting him play with her puppy dogs.

And then I guess he wanted to wrestle. Boys are crazy!
I can only imagine what is it going to be like in a couple years!! They are going to be fighting like cats and dogs I am sure!! LOL
Tegan's last day of swimming lessons were last night. She got her ticket...and was trying to figure out what it said...

Really trying....

I finally had to tell her that she didn't pass. I think I knew going into it that she wasn't going 2.
So this whole week I was sure to tell her how great she was doing and how far she had come.
Truth of the matter is there was only one kid in her class that passed and he was 8 years old. After class I was talking to some of the parents and a bunch of them were on their 2nd turn around.
There was even a little boy alittle younger than Tegan who was amazing at doing the stuff (he had taken the class three times already) and still hadn't passed. I really think it is a size issue. The next class starts out in the 4 foot area. And if your kid isn't that tall...

So we will do it again next time. She was happy to be doing it. :-) And she is becoming a great swimmer!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

My loves....

The three most important people to me in the world:

The reason for my smiles:

Makes me sad to think they won't be this age ever again:

Part of our Valentine's day celebration:
Chuckie Cheese's

Some gifts:

Jensen stealing Tegan's

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


All of this talk about getting old...and I had a blast from my past today. A co-worker brought in these candies:

When I was younger and lived in Lyons we would go to the hotel for dinner. They had a big treasure chest full of candies like these. After you were done eating you could go and pick out some candy. I use to love doing this. I would pick this candy everytime. I ate one today...and yuck! I guess I don't like them 2 much anymore but it was enough to make me smile!

And preferred health systems brought in this game. I use to play it when I was a kid. I just can't remember how I did it!! You have to get the circle off of the other things. Harder than it looks!

Happy Hump Day everyone. :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


It's funny. A year ago you would ask me what I enjoyed doing or what was my stress reliever I would have told you going out with girlfriends to have drinks or partying it up at a club. You ask me today...I would say scrapbooking, cooking or curling up with the hubby and watching a really good movie. Isn't it funny how you change as you get older? I know I am 25 whole life has changed over this last year.

What has changed? Well my mom passed away in November. I had my baby boy in December and my husband fell in a grain elevator in April. Yup...30 feet onto concrete. Tim broke his L1-L5 vertebrae, pelvis (completely through laterally) and crushed his sacrum. I am so lucky to still have him. All of that trauma and he is still able to walk! He will probably never be back 100% but I am just really glad to have him. He is my best friend.
All that stress it's no wonder I found my first gray hair about a month ago. And since then I have really been thinking about getting old. Just to be clear I am not saying having my baby was a stress...I am just saying having a new baby and a daddy that wasn't able to help much was tough.

All these thoughts about getting old makes me wonder what I will be like when I am 50? Will I be well off? Will I have grandbabies? Will I still be young at heart? I have noticed how much my tastes have changed even turning from 20 to 25. It makes wonder how much more my taste will change.

Also...thinking about growing old...I am glad that I had my babies younger in life. (Tegan when I was 20 and Jensen when I was 24) This way maybe I won't be 2 old to do things with them. My mom was 36 when she had me and it kind of sucked at times. She didn't want to play with me I always had to play with my brothers and sisters. Don't get me wrong she was a great mom. She was very stable we never had to worry about where our next meal would come from or if we would have a phone or cable. It just was she wasn't very hip or into fashion. She would rather sit around a read books and watch T.V. with my step dad then go outside and play with me. Also another she couldn't understand why I wanted a $100.00 pair of jeans instead of going to Walmart and having a pair of those. (This was before Wal-mart had cute clothes!)

Haha...but I guess she made me who I am today. And I am thankful for that. :) I just think sometimes I get down on myself because I think what if I would have waited to have kids until I was done with college or what if I would have waited until we were better off. Well there are no more what ifs...I am glad. My babies are happy...healthy...and soon we will be okay. No more more worrying. :) Just as soon as Tim and I finish school! (Hopefully we will be able to find jobs after that! haha!)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Paint $50.00, results PRICELESS

When we moved back into the house we own I thought that I wanted a green kitchen. Even when we were painting it I thought that I loved a green kitchen. After it was said and done...I hated a green kitchen. So I have lived with it for six months now....and I decided since I got a new table...I needed a new paint job for sure!!

And when it was all said and done....

I really did want a new painted kitchen! LOL Now to invest in some either black or stainless steel appliances. :)

Also, last night Grandma Livesay brought over some of the sweetest looking bananas....they were just Jensen's size.

I have never seen anything like them before!!


I have been meaning to blog about this. I got sick with a bug and didn't get around to it. I am finally feeling better. :)

Yes, I already posted about these dresses...but I finally uploaded my pictures from when we got home from grandmas.

Hey girl hey....
Super Models...

Tegan has a her attitude face on...and Trin is just being silly. Love it!

Yes, I let Tegan roller blade in the house. This use to be one of my favorite activities when I was growing up. It was just way 2 cold 2 do it outside...we moved the rug and let her go. (Don't look at the dirt where the rug was...haha yuck!)

Doesn't my little guy look so chunky? ;-) He is all boy!!

Nothing better than early morning painting...

And this is what we did before the super bowl party...

Yes, I climbed up in the play center...crawling through it just so my little guy could go down the slide. about a workout!

Geshhh...I feel like I am caught up to speed. :) Now to blog about what I did last night!!