Friday, February 19, 2010


Tegan was being a great big sister playing in the floor with her little brother.

She was telling him things to make him laugh....and letting him play with her puppy dogs.

And then I guess he wanted to wrestle. Boys are crazy!
I can only imagine what is it going to be like in a couple years!! They are going to be fighting like cats and dogs I am sure!! LOL
Tegan's last day of swimming lessons were last night. She got her ticket...and was trying to figure out what it said...

Really trying....

I finally had to tell her that she didn't pass. I think I knew going into it that she wasn't going 2.
So this whole week I was sure to tell her how great she was doing and how far she had come.
Truth of the matter is there was only one kid in her class that passed and he was 8 years old. After class I was talking to some of the parents and a bunch of them were on their 2nd turn around.
There was even a little boy alittle younger than Tegan who was amazing at doing the stuff (he had taken the class three times already) and still hadn't passed. I really think it is a size issue. The next class starts out in the 4 foot area. And if your kid isn't that tall...

So we will do it again next time. She was happy to be doing it. :-) And she is becoming a great swimmer!